Covid-19 Policy

Yes! We are open! All of our available RV’s are disinfected and ready to go. We also make sure that your rented motorhome has a final disinfecting the day of being picked up.

Our personnel are still available for any questions you may have via phone or email. Please keep in mind that our RV yard is available to be viewed only through making an appointment. So, please do not hesitate to make one through email/phone call so we can have someone from our staff to meet you at our yard.Please keep in mind, that we require face coverings and safe distance is applicable while at the yard. All of our staff is also required to do the same, so everyone is in safe measures. We also can supply gloves as well.

Any upcoming returns and departures are operating as normal. Although, if, for some reason, you are returning your rented RV earlier than scheduled, please give us a call so we can make that work to the best of our possibilities.

Your Health & Safety

Please rest assured, one of the most important values we have at RV RENT N GO is the safety and health of our clients. We constantly strive to create safe and memorable adventures when you rent from us. During these trying times- we give our 100% to create your upcoming trip safe.

RV Mechanical Safety:

A big priority of ours is that all of our clients can be certain that their rented motorhome is inspected and ready to go.

All of our RV’s have detailed safety inspections every 6,000 miles. This also includes full engine and filter services. As for the indoor of our motorhomes, all is started and inspected each week to assure that all goes smoothly on your vacation.Before each time the motorhome goes on the road, an additional detailed inspection is performed.

RV Sanitation:

All of our RV’s are sanitized and cleaned as soon as it is returned.

We are strictly following CDC cleaning and disinfection guidelines that are appropriate for COVID-19 in healthcare settings, as well as using hospital grade sanitizing products. All of the exterior is washed as well.

Personal Sanitation Kits:

We have provided anti-bacterial & anti-virus cleaning spray, as well as disposable gloves in each rental.

Linens and Camp kits:

For as long as RV RENT N GO has been in business, we have consistently used a professional linen cleaning service. All bedding is completely laundered as well as towels. All pillows always get a second clean zippered case as well as a normal pillowcase. If you would like a new pillow, please do not hesitate to ask before leaving.

All rental Kitchen kits are removed from our RV’s after they are returned. Although we require our client’s to return everything cleaned, we still do take them out and have them washed in our dishwasher and repacked clean. This also goes for our camp gear.All is cleaned and stored before the next departure.

With certainty, you will not find a more safe or more clean RV Rental Service, than what RV RENT N GO offers you!

General Questions

Yes! We are more than glad to help. On your departure day you will get a hands on demonstration of everything your RV has to offer as well as operational and driving tips. Each RV comes equipped with a guidebook for your motorhome. We can also send this to you ahead of time so you can familiarize yourself with your rented motorhome.

Yes, we can provide insurance for every RV rental. By default, you can choose an insurance package during your reservation confirmation process or you can decline and opt-out of our insurance. By declining our insurance you must provide your own insurance by an acceptable Insurance Binder from your personal auto insurer and present this binder to us at least 7 days in advance for verification. If you decline the default insurance, we will send you complete instructions for obtaining a binder from your insurance. Currently, we know of the following 5 companies which will provide an acceptable Binder at very little or no cost to you: 21st Century, AAA, Allstate, State Farm etc. If you are with one of these 5 companies then you can safely decline the default insurance. The following companies cannot provide an acceptable binder and therefore you will need to accept the default insurance cost (Ameriprise, Amica, Fred Loya, Farmers, Freeway, Hartford, Geico, GMAC, Liberty Mutual, Mercury, Nationwide, Progressive, Traveler or Wawanesa). Our default insurance covers full comprehensive and collision coverage for the RV less a $1500 deductible per claim. The default insurance also gives state minimum liability coverage with no deductible. You have the option to purchase additional liability insurance up to $1 million.

We are here to help, any other questions you may have pertaining to insurance, do not hesitate to give us a call or send us an email.

There must be one seat belt for each passenger in the RV. This includes children/infants.

The requirements for a seat belt are the same as a car.

All infants and children must be in a car or booster seat, depending on the age/weight. Please make sure to let us know if you are traveling with children, as we can accommodate you with the best suited RV’s that offer front-facing seats.

Yes. Delivery and pick up prices vary by location mileage from our main yard and prices can be found during the checkout process. For our complete Concierge Service have your RV delivered and fully loaded with everything from Kitchen, Bedding & linens and Outdoor Camping supplies for the ultimate easy camping experience! Delivery and pick up times are the same as if you pick up and drop off yourself at our lot.

RV renting is by the night. You need to return it to us the morning after your last night and no later than 11am –procedure with renting RV’s is the same as checking in and out of a hotel. We do offer early pick up and late return time for an extra fee if available. We cannot guarantee early departure, due to the returning procedure of cleaning and inspection. Any concerns regarding that, please give us a call and we will try to accommodate you the best we can, but there is no guarantee. Especially in the summer months and holiday periods. Please keep in mind we do sell out and most days are booked so it’s very hard for us to accommodate early pick up and late returns. If you feel you will need the extra time to drive or pack/unpack, best would be to include an extra night. You will also get the extra miles with extra nights as well which can offset extra mileage costs.

Departure/Delivery times are between 1-4pm Mon-Sun if you are doing reservation by night. If available, we can also try to accommodate renting by day Mon- Sun 7am-7pm. Please select your desired time during the reservation process. Please plan 1-3 hours for your departure walk through at your pick up /delivery time. If you would like an earlier time, it might be available, but not guaranteed. Fee for early departure (guaranteed one week out) is $50. We will confirm all departure appointments 1 week prior to your departure date and add the $50 Fee to your reservation if applicable.

Return times are between 9-11am Mon-Sun. Please select your desired time during the reservation process. Plan for up to 45mins for your return walk through. If you would like a later time, it may be available, but not guaranteed as your RV may be going out that night, and we need to have it cleaned, inspected, and sanitized for its new trip. Fee for late return (guaranteed one week out) is $50. We will confirm all return times 1 week prior to your return date or upon departure and add the $50 Fee to your reservation if late return time is available.

We do require 50% down payment to confirm a reservation. You can inquire by phone or view availability online to see if a particular unit is available for your dates but to fully reserve. We can put a hold on an RV for your trip for up to 48 hrs without payment – please call for this option as this cannot be done online. The balance due on your reservation is charged out 30 days prior to your trip. Please be aware, any additional last minute incidentals or rentals add-on requests will be charged at the time of request if within 14 days of your departure. Your Refundable Security Damage Deposit will be charged 3 days prior to departure and held on your behalf by the card processor. The refundable security damage deposit is between $500 (trailers) and up to $2000 for an RV but no less than your insurance damage deductible.

Our policy is: 50% refund up to 14 days before pickup, after that no refund is issued.

Minimum age to drive is 25. You must possess a valid driver’s license and pass a simple DMV check.

We have a 3 night minimum during normal (non-peak summer or non-holiday) times. Holiday periods require a 4 night minimum and the peak summer season is a 5 night minimum to reserve ahead.

In the peak summer months we will offer shorter (3-4night) reservations closer to the time period within the season if there are any openings. Please call us for short stay pricing options.

100 Miles are included for every night booked and paid for at full price. Additional miles are charged based on an average mileage driven per day of your trip. Our Online Booking system will calculate any extra miles charges so you can clearly see all extra costs.

Example: If you book a 5 night trip you will get 500 miles included in your reservation or an average of 100/miles per day for 5 days. If your total estimate/actual mileage is 1200 miles for the 5 night trip you will be 1200-500=700×0,50$ night booked.

The renter must contact the Rental department prior to picking up the RV to make arrangements and have the hitch lock removed. If the renter plans on towing anything or using any hitch mounted rack with the motorhome, the enter must bring their hitch-mounted rack with them or hitch lock will not be removed. If towing, an additional $0.10/mile for total miles driven will be added.

All RVs and Trailer rentals come with a mandatory Prep, Clean and Starter Package. This packaged fee gives you the RV exceptionally clean and sanitized and a starter supply set (enough for 5 nights of travel). See supply list question for details in the “Before” section of this FAQ. The fee also covers your propane use up to the supplied amount in the tank. The Propane tank will be at least 50% full for your trip. 100% full is usually enough for a 2 week trip. You do not need to refill the propane tank upon return. It also covers basic cleaning upon return. See the “After” section of this FAQ for more details on your cleaning requirements for return.

One pet is allowed per RV. The dog must be under 35lbs .There is a $150 pet fee/trip.

If your rental is returned with damage, stains, odors or excessive hair due to pets, additional charges may apply. Please make sure, these rules are followed to not risk additional charges. Many of our customers have allergic reactions to pets and we need to accommodate them as well as our Pet friendly customers. We charge $95 cleaning fees with a one hour minimum per occurrence if needed. A $200 fee will be added if the Pet was not disclosed before departure. Any excess fees will be deducted from security/damage deposit. During the check out process of the reservation you will be notified if the RV is pet friendly or not.

All our RVs come with TVs and DVD Players. Before renting a certain RV, please read each RV description. Please note that most TVs will require your generator to be on or for you to be hooked up to the camp electrical system. For TV/video watching while en route we do recommend private view systems such as laptops or iPad devices.

Your final contract will have a copy of the full Terms and Conditions of your rental. Your confirmation email will also have the complete Terms available for you to download. We are always here to help, please reach out if you need any clarifying of the contract.

Before Your Trip

The listed nightly price is for the RV to come plain. That is without bedding, towels, kitchen or camp supplies. We can supply and rent just about anything you may need. We do a great job at outfitting for trips and can fully outfit your needs for a great camping vacation. You will just need to tell us all you are interested in being supplied with. The RV does come with a starter (5 night supply) package of RV necessities.

The following items are included with each RV

1 – 25’ Potable Water hose

1 – 90 degree elbow for better water hose connection to RV1 – Pressure regulator for water hose connection to water source (use for full hook ups)

1 – Pressure regulator for water hose connection to water source (use for full hook ups)

1 – 15’ Septic hose riser

1 – 2 sets of Leveling blocks and leveling bubble cube – enough for 2 wheels

1 – enough sanitation gloves for your trip

1-8 – Septic drop ins (enough for up to 5 nights)

1-6 – Rolls of special RV toilet tissue (enough for up to 5 nights)

1 – Spray bottle of Organic Simple Green Counter and Kitchen Spray Cleaner

1 – New Kitchen Sponge

1 – New roll of Paper towels

1 – Dish Drying Rack

1 – Utensil tray

1 – Long Stem Lighter

1 – Hand Broom

1 – Dust Pan

1 – Long Handle Broom (RV’s over 24”+)

1 – Propane tank at least at 1/2

We do recommend clients to rent or purchase an outdoor rug. We rent outdoor rugs for $15/trip or much less if part of an equipment rental package.

Yes we do. We can set your RV up with everything you will need. You can select an easy grouped package or select individual items to suit your needs. It’s an easy way to travel completely hassle free – just show up with your favorite food and clothes and the rest will be ready to go. Please make sure all is returned and cleaned when returned to avoid extra fees. No need to unpack and unload at home after a long drive home! During your online reservation process, you will have an opportunity to add the supplies you want.

The Features/Amenities section of each RV’s guidebook will have all the specifics of the RV including tank sizes and other features such as microwave and gas ovens, outdoors showers, etc.

Yes. Desert areas are not recommended in Summer months as are high elevations, snow country or freezing temperatures in Winter months. No compensation on any items will be given if traveling to these restricted areas/seasons and items malfunction. High heat can also cause serious issues with house A/C components, tires and engine malfunction. Freezing conditions can damage plumbing & tank systems. You are 100% responsible for conditional and locale issues.

Most campsites can be found through google.

If you are having any trouble, please do not hesitate to ask us. We have much experience with booking campsites.

You are responsible for any damage and tire replacement

That is why we do not recommend driving the RV in conditions above 105°. High road temperatures can cause new tires properly inflated can burst and blow. Generators may not run for more than 15 mins and overheat in super hot temps while driving. Traveling to below freezing temps is also not recommended. Temperatures below freezing can burst plumbing and freeze holding tanks causing them to burst. Please consult with one of our personnel for any weather requirements/questions to avoid problems.

Yes, we offer 24/7 Roadside Assistance through Coachnet for $10/night. We highly recommend the service especially for those traveling out of state or in hot climates. It’s more than just a 24/7 available tech person but also provides a nationwide service for tire changing, jump starts, campsite reservations and more. While the service covers the cost for the roadside mechanic to come out and change a tire, it does not cover the cost of the tire(s) if needed to be replaced. Roadside Assistance is your best bet for getting the fastest service possible to keep vacation interruptions to a minimum.

During Your Trip

If you can, please look in the provided guidebook that is supplied. It is very detailed and will help you with most problems you may encounter.

If you cannot find your answer and still need some help, be sure to call or text the number given to you for faster service. If you are trying to resolve an issue or get a question answered and it is after hours and your purchased 24/7 Roadside Assistance Plan, please call the Coach-Net Roadside Assistance number given to you at departure.

We are still here to help, but please be aware that we are more readily available during regular business hours. If you need roadside assistance, please call/text the number given to you at departure and we would be happy to help out to get you back on the road asap. Keep in mind, you are 100% responsible for roadside tire issues(changing/replacing tires by mobile service)–if you did not purchase the 24/7 Roadside Assistance plan.

Number one priority of RV RENT N GO is our clients safety.

Please follow our recommended procedure in case of an accident.

Call 911

Pull off to the side of the road as soon as possible and only if it is safe to do so

Once you are in a safe place, document the accident or damage by taking pictures and filing out the Accident/damage form attached to your insurance binder.

If you provided insurance or the Accident/damage form attached to your insurance card if you purchased insurance through us.

Call us immediately to notify us of damages and then please send pictures.

If the RV is safe to drive and operate, you can continue on with your trip and we will take care of all things needed when you return.

It is your responsibility to determine what is safe and what is not when you are out on the road.

After Your Trip

Yes. We ask that the RV is cleaned and return the same way it was rented. Make sure to take all your personal belongings with you. Also, all garbage needs to be disposed of before your return. Please make sure to use the supplied broom and cleaners to broom sweep all excess dirt and wipe down all sinks, counters and the refrigerator. Excess dust and dirt will require additional cleaning and extra cleaning fees may apply. Cleaning fees start at one hour rate of $90.

Yes. You are required to completely empty both gray and black tanks before returning your rented RV. If you opt out of doing this, we can do this for you for a fee. On short trips many people prefer to have us do it for them upon return and prepay a $150 dump fee. If not prepaid, and tanks are not completely emptied, a $250 dump and sanitation fee will be deducted from security/damage deposit.

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